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Strategy I – Ensure leadership

To achieve this strategy we will pursue the following initiatives:

  • Ensure that all initiatives and programs are of the highest quality and relevant to the political agenda
  • Explore and expand national and international partnerships to broaden and enhance consulting and other opportunities.
  • Continue to leverage emergent policy trends in sustainable development and invest in policy initiatives.
  • Develop the organizational structure to maximize flexibility, cross-program collaboration, and responsiveness to policy-makers demand and competitive challenges.
  • Develop policy initiatives to encourage creative policy making and bring faculty-consultant model to life.
  • Associate to the ESPOL’s Masters Program on Public Management to integrate a professional perspective into the curriculum that provides greater opportunities to experience and develop practical skills and real-world solutions.
  • Establish a Program of Excellence to incentivize faculty engagement across campus.


Strategy II – Ensure financial stability.

To achieve this strategy we will pursue the following initiatives:

  • Strengthen public-wide culture of data-based policy decision-making, using public opinion and communication tools.
  • Design calls for volunteer and non-paid internships to satisfy management and administrative needs
  • Develop opportunities to associate undergrad and grad student to research projects
  • Develop a long-term facilities financial plan to provide the physical spaces that will support a vibrant policy environment.
  • Implement a comprehensive fundraising campaign
  • Review and update our strategic plan annually


Strategy III - Enhance organizational culture.

To achieve this strategy we will pursue the following initiatives:

  • Develop a communication strategy for the internal and external community
  • Move toward more competitive compensation and institutional incentives to attract faculty as our financial situation allows.
  • Enhance operational effectiveness and service to public agencies.
  • Recruit a diverse faculty, staff and administration to more closely reflect the ambition on first-class policy outputs.